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About Bald Rock Beef Jerky

We are an all Australian, artisanal Beef Jerky company. The cattle used in our production has been raised on Dan's - our owner's- family property “Bald Rock”, just outside of Tenterfield and the surrounding Tenterfield area. All of these cattle are grass fed and wonderfully treated with free range conditions. The jerky is gluten free and made using an all natural, preservative free process that Dan learnt on a family trip to Zimbabwe in 1994. Following this trip, Dan became a passionate beef jerky producer for his friends and family, combining the traditional African techniques with his own family culinary wisdom. Over time and with great experimentation, two successful flavours have been settled on: original which is seasoned with cracked pepper and mild chilli, which is seasoned with chilli seeds, in accordance with our other natural ingredients.


What is Bald Rock Beef Jerky?  

Bald Rock Beef Jerky is an Australian style Jerky made from lean, grass-fed Australian beef from our owner- Dan's family farm and the surrounding Tenterfield area. It is low in fat and high in protein making it a particularly appealing as a healthy snack. Additionally it has no as it  contains no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or nitrates. Bald Rock Beef Jerky is one of if not the most delicious and healthy jerkies on the market.


I've never had beef jerky before

Okay, jerky can seem a little daunting at first and we admit its not the prettiest food in the world. However, if you've never tasted it before- try it. Give it a shot. You will be surprised at the great taste and you might find yourself hooked. 


I don't know anything about beef jerky 

Despite the common perception that beef jerky is a South African product it can actually trace its origin across many cultures.

The form of Beef Jerky  that we recognise today, finds its origins in South American where it's first purpose was to provide a protein rich food stuff for long journeys.  

The word "jerky" itself comes from the Native American phrase "Charqui" meaning "to burn meat".

It is the oldest form of food preserving which has been around since at least ancient Egypt.


Is it any good? 

It's sensational. 

                    Anything else? 

                                 The packaging is excellent.  

                                                                     One more thing?

                                                                                       Its all-australian and great for you. 


The Story 

My interest in beef jerky all started out when I was 13 and I visited Zimbabwe where I was intrigued by the ancient process of drying meat that was so common and popular there.  In Australia on the rare occasion that I saw jerky for sale (at supermarkets and service stations), I would buy it to share with my school mates.  I had a strong desire to make my own beef jerky almost from the outset.  I bought a food dryer when I was 18 and with the help of my mums cooking expertise I created an early recipe.  For several years to follow I experimented with and changed my ingredients and perfected my all natural recipe. Then in 2001 I created the best batch ever.  This batch was to be the standard for all future batches.  I was inspired by the feedback I received from family and friends and I now want to give Bald Rock Beef Jerky to the world. 

- Dan Ford, Owner and Founder of Bald Rock Beef Jerky